Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome & Delivery Basics
    • WATCH - Introduction & Basics
    • OPTIONAL - Read Delivery Rules
    • QUIZ - The Basics
  • 2
    The Delivery Process
    • WATCH - The Delivery Process
    • QUIZ - The Delivery Process
  • 3
    Vehicle Requirements & Records
    • WATCH - Vehicles & Records
    • QUIZ - Vehicles & Records
  • 4
    Final Steps
    • REVIEW - Course Slides
    • RESOURCE - MED Delivery Compliance Checklist
    • TAKE - Final Exam
    • SURVEY - Provide Your Feedback!


  • Who should take the course?

    Licensed transporters and stores who make deliveries to private residences. Completion is required prior to the first delivery.

    This includes successful completion by all Controlling Beneficial Owners with day-to-day operational control of the Licensed Premises, management personnel, and Employees involved in the handling and Transfer of Regulated Marijuana.

  • How long is the course?

    Approximately 30 minutes

  • What is the cost?

    $49 per person
    Group discounts available


  • Hilary Duchein

    Hilary Duchein

    Hilary was born and raised in Baton Rouge and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business.

    After several years as a commercial real estate appraiser, she moved to Colorado's Western Slope and was recruited to work for a local cannabis company, which was a small medical center at the time. When the recreational industry emerged, the business rapidly expanded, staff multiplied, and the need for compliant procedures and training became increasingly evident. This spurred her into exhaustive study of the Colorado cannabis rules and statutes and the development of a thorough system for their implementation.

    This hands on experience, coupled with a thorough knowledge of the rules and laws governing Colorado licensees, created a unique expert. She later became an independent consultant and founded Colorado Compliance Consultants with the desire of helping Colorado cannabis businesses succeed in their compliance and risk management goals.

    In her free time, Hilary enjoys traveling, hiking, biking, ice skating, camping and horseback riding. As a Louisiana native, she welcomes you to the course with sincere southern grace. Listen carefully and you may even hear a hint of the bayou! But don't be fooled, her focus is strictly on Colorado cannabis compliance.

    (225) 937-6798